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« Pas facile pour un bandonéon, de se défaire de son ancrage argentin. Encore moins quand l'instrumentiste s'est fait connaître en célébrant le père du tango Nuevo Astor Piazzolla - l'album Piazzolla 2021. Alors Louise Jallu ne contourne rien mais détourne, pour mieux s'approprier musique classique ou chanson. Son nouveau répertoire, le bien nommé Jeu, donne ainsi lieu sur scène à des clins d'oeil et tours de passe-passe réjouissants... est anthologique. » Anne Berthod



Louise Jallu is making her mark at the forefront of artistic creation, to the point that this album seems too short, as one is carried away by her musical propositions.



To say that Louise is a bandoneonist is not entirely relevant: it would be more accurate to say that she is a musician who plays the bandoneon. Because even for an admirer of the musette and tango music (which I am) it immediately gives to his instrument an elegance and a sort of stylistic nobility that is quite rare on this instrument.


Louise Jallu capital figure in bandoneon

With Jeu, which she began writing in 2022 at La Villa Médicis, she continues in the same direction of history. Jazz, classical, contemporary, song, Louise Jallu willingly shakes up labels with aesthetic writing, without ever completely breaking the narrative thread that connects her to the spirit of fundamental tango. Schumann, Fritz Kreisler, Georges Brassens, Bach, Wozzeck and even Ravel are thus invoked, in a whirlwind of sound from which emerges a pleasure of playing, in the singular of the suggestive as well as in the plural of the collective. At just thirty years old, of course, we remain speechless and our ears wide open.


Our selection of concerts : Mozart and Haydn, Caravan Palace, Louise Jallu…

In this new proposal, Louise Jallu has fun nourishing her score and her vocabulary by borrowing from Robert Schumann, Fritz Kreisler, Georges Brassens, Jean-Sébastien Bach or Maurice Ravel, to lead them into another sound universe, bringing her own vision.
She plays with fashions, allows herself a lot. Without betraying anything or anyone. She has fun playing this writing game but also getting into the game_11100000-0000-0000-0000-000000000111 0000000111_,” she said.


Louise Jallu plays the the fullest!

Also, yesterday’s concert was a real shock. No role here as a foil, but, despite very tight writing, a real interaction leaving no respite for the main soloist who, finally, thwarts the tics that I had ended up fleeing.


Elected Citizen Jazz

"A third album for the bandonist Louise Jallu, on the way to becoming one of the most prominent musicians of French jazz resolutely turned towards new experiments. "

PAN M 360

Louise Jallu – Jeu

Is the future of bandoneon female? One thing is certain, the French Louise Jallu is taking this instrument towards new paths. With Jeu, her third opus, Louise Jallu allows the bandoneon to go beyond the late Astor Piazzolla. It's not nothing.


Louise Jallu - Jeu

Testifying today to an increasingly assertive identity and style which looks at all music without preconceptions, integrates writing and improvisation without batting an eyelid.


Louise Jallu plays

Every three years, bandoneonist Louise Jallu takes a giant step forward. It is fundamentally in the composition that the beauty of this third discographic opus is revealed, a flamboyant rainbow that makes you want to put it back on the turntable as soon as it is finished.


LOUISE JALLU: review of the new album

Testifying today to an increasingly assertive identity and style which looks at all music without preconceptions, integrates writing and improvisation without flinching, it mixes these various repertoires joyfully, with mischief, with the freedom that gives it a mastered instrument. What tremendous potential for a great team to absolutely follow...


Top Mezzo

Sélection Top Mezzo Mars 2024

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